1. Songbird
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Words and Music by Cyd Smith
Vocal, guitar: Cyd Smith; Mandolin: Tom Moran; Violin: Paul Elliott; Bass: Cary Black; Harmony vocals: Kim Scanlon, Cary Black
Songbird please sing, I can’t wait until spring
I need you, I’ll feed you, if you hang around my door
Don’t sing me your blues, I can’t take more bad news
Songbird, songbird, sing.

Where will you go when the cold winds blow?
Will you spend all your money on some Capistrano honey?

If you leave me behind, I’ll lose my peace of mind.
Songbird, songbird sing.

Songbirds stay here, this time of year
The trees sigh, the geese cry, I forget to laugh
But I won’t miss the sun, I would find my fun
If my songbird, my songbird would sing.

Would you really go to some beach in Mexico?
Flying off again with some fair weather friend
Songbird don’t go, you know I love you so
Songbird, songbird sing.