1. Neon
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Words and Music by Cyd Smith
Vocal, guitar: Cyd Smith; Alto and Baritone saxes, horn arrangement: Denney Goodhew; Trumpet and tenor sax: Jay Thomas; Bass: Cary Black; Drums and percussion: Mark Ivester

Neon, gas flowing through the veins of the night,
I'm talking neon,
Red, blue, pink, yellow, and white leading me on
To the left to the right, is there anything beyond?
No you can't see the stars through the windows of the bars
And the roof of the saloon is hiding the moon
Nothing's happening but neon.

Neon, quick liquor puts you in the mood,
I'm talking neon
In the glow gotta look good really gotta be on
I wonder if he's looking back at me in the neon
No you can't see the night in the artificial light
Or recognize lies when their eyes are lit by neon
What is happening is neon.

Oh Leon, one more round, just to kill the sound of the neon
Don't you think this a very strange planet to be on
All here drinking to the blinking of a gas called neon.
No you can't go home cause you'd be alone
So you go to the school of the ultimate cool of neon