1. About Sex
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Wors and Music by Cyd Smith
Vocal and Resonator Guitar: Cyd Smith; Dobro: Orville Johnson; Bass: Keith Lowe; Harmony Vocals: Kim Scanlon

Thanks to Del Rey, resonator guitarist/ukelele player extraoridnaire, for giving me the seed line to this song: “He’s a trip without baggage.”

By the time he said hello, it was time to say goodbye
To the cloud of dust he raised as he went cruising by
And though she thought that there was something
Special in his eyes
She wasn’t that surprised
Or even perplexed,
When it was just about sex.

She is searching in her mind for a memory of his face
But he’s a trip without baggage, he didn’t leave a trace
And though she thought that there was something
A little bit magic, Romantic even tragic,
It wasn’t that complex,
It was just about sex,

Was that a dream, was that a fling
Did she really hear that night bird sing
Did she see stars, was she flying blind
Dizzy as a moth in the lantern shine
Now that her feet are back on the ground
She’s wide awake and he’s not around

She’ll get up tomorrow and get back to the grind
With a little disappointment, cause magic’s hard to find
Sometimes imagination makes you a little bit blind
A little out of your mind
You forget the context
it was just about sex.