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Music and Lyrics by Cyd Smith
Vocal and Guitar: Cyd Smith; Accordion: Nova Devonie; Violin: Ruthie Dornfeld; Bass: Keith Lowe; Harmony Vocals: Kim Scanlon

Listening to the news about the Gulf Oil Spill, all I could feel was sadness. It was so awful, I didn’t even want to move into blaming mode. This is my lament.

And it’s Oh dear oh dear
What will become of us
What will become and it’s
Oh dear oh dear
What will become of us what will become

Yes you sat so high and you sat so well
On your fine brick wall before you fell
You spoke so loud from your big round head
You looked so proud in your royal red

And it’s oh dear…

I believed in you and all your friends
Who gathered round to try to mend
Your broken body as you lay
I watched you slowly drain away.

And it’s Oh dear oh dear ….