Hey, it's getting close to SUMMER MUSIC CAMP season! Hopefully the 2022 camps will actually happen. I am planning on being there!


First of all, there is the wonderful COLORADO ROOTS MUSIC CAMP. Located in a spectacular setting in the Rocky Mountains, this camp is one of my favorites. I'll be there WEEK ONE, JUNE 5-11, 2022.  It's going to be a GREAT week for swing music--Raul Reynoso, Radim Zenkl, Jennifer Scott, and Rene Worst will all be there along with many other wonderful staffers and campers.


PSGW is like home to me--located just across Puget Sound on the Olympic peninsula, it's a quick ferry ride away from Seattle. I've been teaching there for over 35 years. It's been a great source of musical community and support for all those who have found a home there. This year I'll be there on the week of July 23-29. Keep an eye on the PSGW WEBSITE for information about the other folks on staff--I'm really looking forward to being there with these fine folks!

Meanwhile, musical life in the time of Covid...

Without gigs, a lot of my musical life in the past couple of years has been involved with making music with friends for the sheer pleasure of it...and in this case, making a home mini-movie as well. I spent a weekend with friends Lauren Sheehan, Ed Carpenter, Ronnie Ontiveros, and Ben Bonham out in the coastal forest of Oregon not far from Tillamook. I  had written a song (another pandemic activity) for my heroes the trees, and I knew these folks were the perfect co-conspirators--we had a blast making this--please check it out!