1. I Wanna Take You Away

From the album Cyd Smith: MP3 version

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Words and Music by Cyd Smith
Vocal, guitar: Cyd Smith; Accordion: Nova Devonie; Guitar: Michael Dunn; Bass: Cary Black; Harmony vocals: Kim Scanlon

I wanna take you away, take you from all of this
I wanna take you away, take you from all of this
I will take you home, I will light a fire, I will lock the world away
I will make your bed of the softest sheets, long as you want
You can stay.

I will take you in, You can lay your burden down
Don’t care where you been, If you want I’ll be around
I will pay your bills, I will clean your house
I will take you dancing
I will pour you wine, I will feed you cake,
I will have the birds sing.

I will take you far, far from the staring eyes
I know who you are, You don’t have to tell lies
I will stop the rain, break up all the clouds
I will shine the sun
I will move the hills, I will still the sea for my beloved one.