From the recording Cyd Smith: MP3 version

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Words and Music by Cyd Smith
Vocal, guitar: Cyd Smith; Soprano sax: Denney Goodhew; Bass: Cary Black; Percussion: Mark Ivester; Harmony vocals: Kim Scanlon
When the edge of the evening dissolves into darkness
And the stars start their glowing, I’ll think of you.

When the fruit on the grapevine is ripe to the bursting
With the glad wine within it, I’ll think of you.

When the sound of the thunder fades into the distance
And again the sun smiles softly, I’ll think of you.

When the white grip of winter release the young spring
And the river roars its freedom, I’ll think of you.

When the wild bird at twilight retreats with a sweet cry
And the woods echo sadly, I’ll think of you.