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Words and Music by Cyd Smith
Vocal and Guitar by Cyd Smith; Viola: Ruthie Dornfeld; Bass: Keith Lowe; Harmony Vocals: Kim Scanlon

This song was inspired by an illustration by the early 20th century illustrator Edmund DuLac in "The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam."

White roses climb your balcony
In the distance the sky touches sea
All around you the wide world lies
You dream away under sunlit skies

You dream….
All kinds of dreams …
Sweetest dreams….
Darkest dreams….

Golden sails adorn the passing ships
Jewels lie waiting at your fingertips
Breezes tugging at your silken shawl
Your name is spoken, you don’t hear the call.

A pleasure palace all around you stands
Servants waiting for your beckoning hand
The harp is sounding while the poets rhyme
The day is fading will you wake in time