1. Light Bulb
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Words and Music by Cyd Smith
Vocals and Guitar: Cyd Smith; Accordion: Nova Devonie; Violin: Ruthie Dornfeld; Bass: Keith Lowe; Harmony Vocals: Kim Scanlon and Libby Torrence

Inspired by awe at the magic of everyday things, this song is really a big vote of thanks to all my teachers.

Light in a bulb, electric light bulb
I love how you leap into being when you get turned on

Light in a bulb, shining white globe
The circuit is closing the room is exploding with your radiance

Electrons are flowing your tungsten is glowing
You’re magic to me
When I need light to find my way at night
You shine til I see.

Light in a bulb, humble bright globe
The glass cannot keep you, you burst out in brilliance
You’re out of the bulb

With just one spark you drive away the dark
You’re magic to me
From black and gray you make colors of day
So we can all see

Light from a bulb, light from a bulb
Your liberation illumines the room, light from a bulb.