1. Little Moon
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Words and Music by Cyd Smith
Vocal and Guitar: Cyd Smith; Accordion: Nova Devonie; Violin: Ruthie Dornfeld; Bass: Keith Lowe; Drums: Will Dowd; Harmony vocals: Kim Scanlon

Hey Little Moon, like a grin in the sky
Like a wink of an eye
Tell me, whatcha smilin' about
Hey Little Moon, is there something you know
Are good times coming, say it’s so
Tell me, whatcha shinin' about

Lots of great things have happened today
South Wind blew my blues away
Robin sang my favorite tune
And Old Evenin' brought a little crescent moon

Hey Little Moon, what a funny bloke
Always smiling at your private joke
Tell me, whatcha thinking about
I want to know about the things you see
As you make the rounds on your moonshine spree
Tell me what this crazy world’s about

Lots of great things have happened today
Old Man Winter says he's going away
Lady Luck phoned to say she'd be back soon
And my friend Evening brought a little crescent moon.